Alamo Creek
Paint/Door Info
The Association has adopted the following policy on repainting your home and exterior structures. Always remember to submit an architectural application for review and approval by the Architectural Committee before beginning any work - even if you are repainting your home the same color. This ensures that the Association is aware of the work that is being performed and also allows us to keep updated records on the color of your home should you need them in the future. 
Homeowners must select a paint scheme from the approved Alamo Creek exterior paint color schemes (i.e. a complete scheme used on a home within Alamo Creek). Colors may not be mixed from one paint scheme to another. You may not choose a pallet of colors that is on a neighboring home (next door or directly across the street).
Paint schemes can be found below: 
Iron Oak Homes
Shapell/Toll Brothers Homes
Ponderosa Colony Homes
Ashbury Models
Avery Models
An application specific to painting and replacing/repainting your garage or front door can be found below: 
Paint & Door Application