Alamo Creek
  • How do I report a street light out?
    Contact Contra Costa County Public Works at 925.313.2286. Leave a message with the pole number and nearest street address.
  • On which streets does the HOA maintain the Parkstrips?
    1. Armant Court
    2. Baltana Court
    3. Belarus Street
    4. Bengali (Court and Street)
    5. Enderby Street
    6. Evolene Street
    7. Griffon Court
    8. Griffon Street (East and West)
    9. Lusitano Street (West of Charbray)
    10. Martingale (Court and Street)
    11. Mastino Court
    12. Pelham Court
    13. Preakness Court
    14. Welshland Street
    15. All Streets in Ponderosa Colony
  • What is the after hours emergency number?
  • How much are my dues and where do I mail them?
    Dues are currently $125.00 per homeowner per month.
    Payments are due on the first day of each month and are late if they are not received within 15 days of the due date. Late payments will be charged a $10 late fee.

    Checks must be made payable to Alamo Creek Owners Association and mailed to:
    Alamo Creek Owners Association
    Remittance Processing
    PO Box 45439
    San Francisco, CA 94145-0439

    Please remember to include your account number on your check for proper posting.
  • What do my dues cover?
    A full list of what your dues cover can be found in the Budget, but here's a quick breakdown:
        Common area landscaping & irrigation
        Swim Center and Clubhouse facilities
        Insurance on the common areas
        Administrative expenses (management, tax prep, mailings, legal fees, etc.)
        Reserves (to pay for long term repairs to pools/clubhouse/landscaping, etc.)
  • Can I pay using a credit card?
    Homeowners can now use an online portal through HOA Services to set up an online account and make payments using a major credit card or e-check (ACH). Click the link under Owners > Access Your Account to visit the portal where you can log in, view your account, update your mailing preferences and make your HOA payments.
  • Where is the management office located?
    Our management company, Homeowner Association Services, is conveniently located in San Ramon just off of Crow Canyon Road near the City offices. Their address is:

    2266 Camino Ramon
    San Ramon, CA 94583
  • How do I become a board member?
    Thank you for your interest in serving our community by joining the Board. The Board holds elections at the Annual Meeting in October of each year. A Statement of Candidacy will be sent to all owners (and will be posted online) in July. If you are interested in running, we encourage your to fill out the form and return it to our property manager.
    Board Application

    If you have any questions prior to that time, please contact us.