Alamo Creek
Water Conservation
In order to build the infrastructure for Alamo Creek and other nearby communities (collectively called the Integrated Project), the builders of these homes were required to agree to water usage limits for the project as a whole. Each year, EBMUD provides an assessment of the total amount of water used by each community. If the communities as a whole exceed 120% of the total water allotment, the water use in excess of 100% of the budget will be subject to a Water Demand Mitigation Fee (WDMF). This fee will be paid by any community within the Integrated Project that exceeded its water use budget for the year. 
While Alamo Creek was being built out, the water use for our community has always been well below the budget amount, but with completion nearing, we need to remind all owners of the need to conserve water. Each lot within Alamo Creek as well as the common areas has a set water budget, given to each lot owner when they purchased their home. Below is a chart showing the allocation for each lot based on lot size. Please note that this includes both indoor and outdoor watering.
                          Lot Size (Sq Ft) Gallons Per Day                                            
  Less than 5,000 248  
  5,000 - 5,999 264  
  6,000 - 6,999 293  
  7,000 - 7,999 328  
  8,000 - 8,999 348  
  9,000 - 9,999 363  
  10,000 - 10,999 424  
  11,000 - 11,999 478  
  12,000 - 12,999 506  
  13,000 - 13,999 532  
  14,000 - 14,999 558  
  Greater than 15,000 609  
Water Conservation Resources & Rebates
Ready to take the plunge into a drought tolerant landscape? EBMUD's Landscape Design Assistance program will cover the cost of your landscaper designer, up to a 2-hour meeting (valued at $200!). Click on the link below for additional details about the program. 
Landscape Design Assistance Program 
Install a flowmeter onto your water meter and get alerted to water leaks before they cause water waste and spike your water bill! EBMUD will reimburse up to $200 for the installation of a flowmeter. See their website below for details!
EBMUD Flowmeter Rebate Program
How Much Should I Water?
EBMUD has provided the below sample watering schedule to help determine how often and how long to water your outdoor plants and lawn. 
Water Conservation Committee
The Board has created a Water Conservation Committee to begin educating homeowners about water conservation, meeting with EBMUD to review historical water use at Alamo Creek and recommending actions for the Board to take regarding common area irrigation. A Committee Charter for the Water Conservation Committee is included below. If you are interested in serving on the Committee, please speak with our community manager, Ryan Bantz.
Water Conservation Committee Charter
The Water Conservation Committee shall:
Regular Duties
  • Ensure that the irrigation of Common Area landscaping complies with the requirements set forth in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs);
  • Ensure that the irrigation of Common Area landscaping does not exceed the Individual Water Budget for the Common Area;
  • Encourage Owners to comply with the Water Conservation Measures for Lots;
  • Provide water conservation information and/or educational materials provided by EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utility District) to all Owners;
  • Meet with EBMUD Water Conservation Staff annually for five (5) years after all of the Annexable Property has been annexed to the Project and the developer no longer owns any Lot in the Project to review the water consumption history;
  • Periodically inspect the Project to see if Owners are visibly wasting irrigation water;
  • Notify all Owners who are observed wasting irrigation water and encourage them to resolve the problem;
  • Consult with and provide advice and recommendations to the Architectural Committee to assist the Architectural Committee in determining whether landscaping and irrigation plans comply with the Water Conservation Measures and other applicable provisions of the CC&Rs relating to water use and irrigation; and
  • Cooperate with EBMUD in holding educational workshops for Owners.
Water Emergency Duties
If a water emergency is declared by EBMUD, the Water Conservation Committee shall:
  • Meet with EBMUD Water Conservation Staff;
  • Provide assistance to the Architectural Committee regarding water conservation issues;
  • Ensure compliance with all requirements imposed by EBMUD in a drought emergency with respect to irrigating Common Area landscaping;
  • Encourage Owner and resident compliance with any drought emergency requirements imposed by EBMUD; and
  • Provide informational and/or educational materials (provided by EBMUD) to Owners and residents relative to the drought emergency.