Alamo Creek
Exterior Lighting Options
Patio lighting (i.e. G40, E26 size bulbs) may be strung overhead, attached to a trellis, attached between the home and a fixed point, or along the interior of the fence facing downward. If poles are used to support the string patio lights, the poles must be obscured by mature, non-deciduous trees to minimize visibility to the street and adjoining neighbors. Patio lights may not be colored and may not be used as decoration in the front of the home. 
Holiday Decorations
Any seasonal ornamentation or decoration shall be limited to display not more than 30 days before the celebrated holiday and must be removed 30 days after the holiday.
Lighting along the eaves of the home and bulbs that are size C9 and smaller shall not be considered patio/accent lighting and are subject to restrictions of being placed on the home and front yard landscaping for not more than 30 days before and 30 days following the celebrated holiday. If lighting along the eaves is not visible from the street, it may be left up year round, but may be turned on no more than 5 days in a month, except for cultural or religious holidays and events. 
Below are some vendors who can assist with installing permanent LED lighting along the eaves of your home. Please be sure to submit an architectural application detailing the location and mounting options for your selected permanent lighting.