Alamo Creek
Important Information for Homeowners Installing their Landscaping
Posted on Mar 10th, 2012

Effective September 2, 2011 the California Regional Water Quality Control District (CRWQD) will not allow homeowners to store and/or place construction supplies and materials on the public streets or within the parkstrips for any reason and for any length of time.
All supplies and materials must be stored and placed on the homeowner’s lot.   If the homeowner fails to comply with this statute, then he/she may have violations imposed on them by the CRWQD, including the removal of their materials and supplies from the street and/or parkstrip.
In addition, repair for any damage to park strips, curbs, gutters and sidewalks from construction in a homeowner’s yard will be the responsibility of the homeowner and the Construction Security Deposit will not be released until all damages are satisfactorily repaired.
Thank you for your compliance with this requirement.
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