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Need a pool key? New or replacement? Please stop by the management office - 2266 Camino Ramon in San Ramon - Monday thru Friday between 8am-noon or 1-4pm. Replacement key charge is $25; please bring a check payable to Alamo Creek HOA.
Hours of Operation:   Exercise Room-6am to 10pm             Pool: 7am to 10pm
Note: Your key card opens both exercise room doors.
The pool will close for the season on Monday, October 26, 2015.
Interested in renting the Community Room? Email the liaison ( to check availability. Here is the informational packet containing rates and amenities. Community Room Information
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Free Shuttle
Posted on Oct 22nd, 2015 Comments (0)
Did you know there was a free neighborhood shuttle?
Property owners in Alamo Creek pay a traffic mitigation fee through their property taxes to fund transit service.  The fee was established by the County as a condition of development.  County Connection operates the Alamo Creek Shuttle on behalf of the County – which runs between Alamo Creek and the Walnut Creek BART station.  The service is fully funded by the fees collected by the property owners, and free to the residents.
The advance reservation service operates Monday through Friday during commute periods, making three AM and three PM trips. Shuttles will stop at the Danville Park ‘n Ride on request, and may stop within the corridor along Camino Tassajara and I-680 if time permits.
In the morning the shuttle leaves the area at 6:30, 8:00, and 9:30 AM – arriving at BART at 7:00, 8:30, and 10:00 AM. In the afternoon/evening, shuttles leave Walnut Creek BART at 3:00, 4:30, and 6:00 PM – returning to the service area at 3:30, 5:00, and 6:30 PM.
The service is free to riders traveling to or from the service area which is defined as Alamo Creek.  Reservations can be made by calling 925-943-1829.
For a map of the service area and schedule information, please visit, or call Customer Service at 925-676-7500.
Traffic Safety Update
Posted on Oct 22nd, 2015 Comments (0)
Please be advised that on October 21, 2015, Contra Costa County Public Works installed 2 additional stop signs at the intersection of Charbray and Enderby, making it a 4-way stop. We just want to alert you to these new traffic safety control measures.
Pollution Prevention Reminder
Posted on Oct 13th, 2015 Comments (0)
Dear Alamo Creek Homeowners,
As the winter season approaches we want to remind our neighbors about the importance of pollution prevention during rain storms.
During the construction of our neighborhood and your home, Toll Brothers was required to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and California laws concerning the best measures to manage storm water and minimize the amount of sediment and other pollutants entering the storm drain system and streams, lakes, and rivers.  You will notice that our community uses various methods to comply with these laws.
Please be aware that contractors working for you, and you as the homeowner, are also bound by these same laws and regulations.  It is imperative that you take precautions during any construction landscaping and/or improvement activities conducted at your home to prevent any harmful materials from leaving your property and entering the storm drain system.  This includes both sediment and chemicals.  Please discuss with all of your contractors the importance of following the strict letter of these laws. All construction materials, supplies and equipment used by your contractors must be placed and properly stored within the confines of your property. AT NO TIME SHALL ANY MATERIALS, SUPPLIES OR EQUIPMENT BE PLACED OR STORED IN THE STREET. Toll Brothers may be obliged to remove and dispose of any construction material, supplies or equipment stored in the street area, and all costs for this removal or cleaning of the street may be passed along to the homeowner responsible. 
Any violation of the Clean Water Act or California laws may result in costly fines assessed against you and/or your property and can adversely affect our environment for years to come.  For more information regarding these laws, and to help you better understand your responsibility and the importance of complying with the Clean Water Act you can visit:
Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
Security Update
Posted on Jul 6th, 2015 Comments (0)
Toll Brothers has hired a security company, Securitas, to address homeowner concerns relating to trespassing of the open spaces by unauthorized vehicles and issues with construction noise.  Securitas will assist in the enforcement of the construction work hours with their vendors.  The work hours are 7:25 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday –Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.   If construction workers are generating noise outside of these posted hours, Securitas will ask the workers to cease immediately and will then notify the Project Manager of the incident, so the Project Manager can determine if any further action is required for compliance of the posted work hours.  Securitas will also check that all construction gates have been closed and locked at the end of each work day, and will routinely check the gates to ensure that they remain closed and locked as well as will monitor the models and construction site to prevent vandalism and theft.
Posted on Jun 15th, 2015 Comments (0)
As in last year, the Swim Center Committee agreed to hire a security company to patrol the common area after the pool closes as a deterrent to unscrupulous activity. BlueSky Security will patrol the pool area from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, 4 random nights per week. Please keep in mind this is the sole purpose of BlueSky Security.  After hours emergencies related to HOA property (irrigation leaks and the like) should be directed to 925-831-2309. Any illegal activity should be reported to the Contra Costa Sheriff at 925-335.1500.
Bengali Park Strip Landscaping
Posted on May 29th, 2015 Comments (0)

At the October 2014 Board of Directors meeting the Board accepted an offer from Toll Brothers to replace the Myoporum in the park strips along Bengali, from Charbray to the new park.  The chosen plant replacement is Asiatic Jasmine, the type of groundcover that is currently planted on Belarus.   This decision to remove the current groundcover is meant to address some homeowner concerns about bees that are attracted to the Myoporum flowers in the late spring.  Asiatic Jasmine was chosen as the preferred park strip ground cover by the Landscape Committee.
Since this decision was made both the Board and management received comments from homeowners who did not want the current park strip groundcover replaced. In a meeting with representatives from Toll Brothers, the Alamo Creek Landscape Committee voted to send a questionnaire to the 42 affected homes on Bengali to get their vote on whether or not to remove the current Myoporum groundcover and replace it with the Asiatic Jasmine that is planted on Belarus.
24 responses were received and here are the results:
  • 17 votes were for replacing the Myoporum with Asiatic Jasmine
  • 7 votes were against replacing the Myoporum with Asiatic Jasmine
The timing of replacement will coincide when seasonal rain returns.

Community Updates
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2015 Comments (0)
  • We are pleased to announce the opening of the Bengali Street park! It will open at 9:00 am on Saturday, January 24, 2015. Please take care of your new park by properly disposing of trash, staying off the new shrub beds and keeping your dog on a leash. Look for ‘Park Rules’ to follow soon for more specific guidelines to preserve the park.
  • Speaking of plants, it has been reported that about a dozen new shrubs were recently stolen from the new park planter bed. If anybody has details about this, please contact the management office.
  • Reminder – please remove your Christmas lights and any other holiday decorations by January 31, 2015.
 Thanks for your cooperation and efforts in maintaining our beautiful community.
Bengali Street Park
Posted on Dec 17th, 2014 Comments (0)

The Alamo Creek Board of Directors was approached by homeowners who are interested in having bocce ball courts as an Association amenity added to the new Bengali Street Park.  The Board was open to the idea and asked the homeowners to bring plans, cost estimates, etc. to a meeting for review and discussion.  This took place at the Board meeting on December 3, 2014.
At that meeting it was brought to the Board’s attention that there may be other homeowners who have additional ideas for adding specific amenities to the Bengali Park and those options should be explored. 
The Board of Directors asks that if any Alamo Creek homeowners have ideas for other recreational amenities they would like to see added to the Bengali Park, please bring specific plans and cost estimates to the next Board of Directors meeting for review and discussion by the Board of Directors.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2015 at 7pm in the Community Room.
Pool Closing
Posted on Oct 21st, 2014 Comments (0)
Good Morning,
The community pool will close for the season on Monday, October 27. Thanks for another safe and successful pool season!

Thank You
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